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Waiting to Bloom Season 1 funtvshow

Waiting to Bloom Season 1

Meng Ni, Guan Hai, and Qin Bing all graduated from the Art Institute of Hai Tian University. Meng Ni's boyfriend, Liu Yi Ming graduated from the National School of Drama in Bei Jing. While he was studying in Bei Jing, his good friend, Zhang Zhi Heng, took care of Meng Ni for him. After graduation, Meng Ni wants to go to Bei Jing to reunite with her lover and establish herself in the city. However, Liu Yi Ming already experienced the hardships in Bei Jing and knows he cannot fulfill his commitment to Meng Ni and feels sorry towards her. As Meng Ni's family experiences some changes, Liu Yi Ming is given the opportunity to leave Bei Jing. Unfortunately, after a series of events, they've become penniless and Liu Yi Ming returns to Bei Jing to earn money. As he works hard filming, Meng Ni ends up with Zhang Zhi Heng. After a series of fighting, the trio all went their separate ways. Three years later, they all meet again under different circumstances....

Genre: Drama,

Actor: ,

Country: China

Duration:124 Min

Release: 2013



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